Brains over Braun

Due to the fact that there have been multiple hostage crises in the NBA over the last few weeks, many people have failed to notice the bomb that went off in the MLB. Ryan Braun, the most recent NL MVP, tested positive for synthetic testosterone back in October of this year. I’d like to start by saying that these allegations are being appealed and investigated, but all signs point to Braun taking some serious PEDs. What an idiot. In this day and age, each player is underneath a microscope, especially a player on a team that is in the playoffs. Why the hell would anyone even risk this? If these allegations are proven, which many sources say they will, I think that you have to strip him of the MVP title and dish it off to the next in line. Personally, I think that Matt Kemp should have gotten it off the bat, but I get that the Brewers made it to the playoffs so I’m not going to complain. After this incident, the Brewers will be in some seriously hot water. With Braun out for the first 50 games and Prince likely to be in another uniform next year, the Brew Crew has lost almost all of its offensive firepower. Regardless, Braun’s name is forever tainted by this situation and may have just cost the Brewers their future.

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