Welcome to Boston, Jenny Dell

Think back to November 2011, when things seemed like they couldn’t get any worse for the Sox as rumors of Heidi Watney departing started here on the Boston Sports Blog (Heidi, Say It Aint So!). She even tried covering it up on vacation (Don’t Kill the Messenger). And we all know how that played out. I mean the Lakers? Really? Anyways, since her final days in Boston the buzz about finding her replacement has been pretty quiet until recently. Last night NESN confirmed that former ESPN anchor Jenny Dell will take Heidi’s place as Red Sox in-game reporter. More known for her insight on football, it will be interesting to see Jenny take on a full time baseball role. Either way, the Sox need all the momentum they can get heading into spring training after the disaster that was last September. Hopefully filling the hot side line reporter gap will be just the edge they need. Red Sox Nation, enjoy.

The Truth Comes Out

Hate to say I told ya so. At 4:22 PM today, NESN released a statement announcing Heidi’s departure (http://tinyurl.com/7nmkccw). Sad day for Sox Nation, sad day indeed. Just add this to the list of offseason duties the Sox need to take care of come April. We’re going to miss you Heidi…

Don’t Kill the Messenger

So after I wrote about Heidi potentially leaving the other night, I tweeted at her and attached a link to the post on BSB. Two minutes later, she posted the tweet above. Heidi Watney must have read the Boston Sports Blog right? I’m going to keep telling myself yes. Anyways, there’s been no official word but all signs point to her leaving. Unfortunately, it’s not looking good folks. She fooled me for a minute and came back with a quick response to cover her tracks, but I have knowledge that leads me to believe otherwise. Trust me, I hope I’m wrong just as much as the next Red Sox fanatic, but you heard it here first. We’d hate to see you go Heidi.

Heidi, Say It Aint So!

My heart sank when I came across this news, but the Boston Globe reported earlier today that Tito, Theo, and Papelbon may not be the only ones on their way out of Boston. Red Sox in-game reporter, Heidi Watney, is coming up on the end of her contract later this month and inside sources have hinted that she may be calling it quits with the Sox after four years of loyal service. Now, there are no reports to the truth of this, but the mere thought is enough to completely demoralize the already depression struck Red Sox Nation. Thank God the Bruins are back on track and the Pats are in good shape for the rest of the season because I don’t think I can take much more bad news from the other two teams without slipping into a world of misery. Heidi, say it aint so!