Coach Karl Ousted

The NBA’s Coach of the Year, George Karl, of the Denver Nuggets has been fired, according to a source with ESPN. Karl had one more year on his contract and wanted to come back to the team, but after their GM left for Toronto, the team decided that they downloadwanted to go in another direction. Karl led a team with absolutely no All-Stars to a 57 win season and a 3rd seed in the playoffs. Yes, they lost early again. Karl has only made it out of the first round once out of nine times. I get that part. But he hasn’t always had the best players. He had a young, more immature than now Carmelo (hard to believe after this, I know), and a bunch of below average players. Even this season, their leading scorer was Ty Lawson with 16.7 PPG (31st in the league).

The Nugs were 38-3 at home this season which was best in the league. They were also 24-4 after the all-star break. Karl has coached 25 seasons and has a 1131-756 record but can’t seem to get it done in the playoffs. You can bet that a team is going to pick him up for next season. He has already talked to the Clippers.

Raiders Fire Hue Jackson After Just One Season

With new management coming in, the Raiders have decided to part ways with Head Coach Hue Jackson after just one season.

To me this makes absolutely zero sense. Jackson had looked to have the franchise headed in the right direction until a couple of key injuries really hurt their playoff chances. After showing he was one of the top running backs in the NFL through the first half of the season Darren McFadden went down with an injury that plagued him for the remainder of the season, as well as starting quarterback Jason Campbell going down with a broken collarbone. Jackson was forced to take what he was given.

How many first round busts can a team draft before they realize it isn’t the coaches’ fault? For a team that seems to always pick in the top 10 they don’t exactly have the best recent draft history. Since 2005 here are their top draft picks in order: Fabian Washington (2005) Michael Huff (2006) Jamarcus Russell (2007) Darren McFadden (2008) Darrius Heyward-Bey (2009) Rolando McClain (2010). So throughout their past six draft picks they end up with one franchise player, a few average players, the biggest bust in NFL history (Russell) and a guy that believes its okay to run others over with his cars (McClain).

To add to their terrible draft picks, they seem to always make absolutely terrible trades. Randy Moss for a 4th rounds picks? Giving a team two first round picks for a 32-year-old Carson Palmer? I guess the only defense they have for making the Palmer trade could be… Well we don’t really draft that great anyways right?

Every time the Raiders make a coaching change, (which I swear happens like every year or so) I think to myself; how can they not see that the coach isn’t the issue? The real issue is the front office and their absolutely unintelligent moves. Hopefully for the sake of those insane Raiders fans new management will also mean new results.