Boston Celtics CommUNITY Crew

Despite being 125 days into the NBA lockout, members of the Celtics organization aren’t slowing down. Last month the team, along with the Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation kicked off the first CommUNITY Crew event, an initiative to help out different organizations, schools, etc. around the Greater Boston area. The first stop was the Mattahunt School and community center outside of Boston. Today, the team tackled veggies in the kitchen of the Women’s Lunch Place and stirred up excitement with a group of Veterans with the 2008 Championship trophy. I was fortunate enough to cut onions until my eyes bled and clean tables with Celts’ President Rich Gotham…It’s got its ups and downs.

In all seriousness, to learn more about the CommUNITY Crew and what you can do to be a part visit and find the Community link. Not only is it an opportunity for you to be a functioning member of society, but you might even get a chance to work side by side with Celtics’ legends.

Mattahunt Court (After)

Mattahunt Court (After)

Mattahunt Court (Before)

Mattahunt Court (Before)


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