Celtics Game Day – Mock Season

The current lockout and looming cancellation of more games, potentially the entire 2011-12 NBA season, couldn’t be more frustrating. With the arrival of November, the reality has started to set in. Games are being missed. With that said, I’ll be doing a mock game day post for each day we don’t get a scheduled game.

Wednesday would have marked the Celts season/home opener vs. the Cavs. Sure they embarrassed us early last year after we satisfied their urge to shut down the Heat the night before, but let’s be serious, their holiday was short-lived. I’m sure this game would have been a hometown crowd pleaser to get the season started off on the right foot.

Tonight the Celts are set to face the Hawks at Philips Arena. After losing in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals and having 2 of 3 games taken by the Celts, I’m sure the Hawks will be looking for vengeance. With the Big 3 and Rondo at the helm though, it won’t be an easy task. Tonight’s matchup should make for a great game.

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