Jack Taylor of Grinnell Drops 138

If you haven’t seen it all over ESPN or heard it on the radio this morning, here it is. Jack Taylor of Grinnell dropped 138 points last night in their D3 matchup against Faith Baptist Bible. You read that correctly. I don’t mean to stereotype, but the small, white point guard of a college basketball team scored 138 points on his own en route to winning 179-104. Obviously this will make headlines because, well, 138 points is usually closer to the over/under of a college basketball game let alone what one team even puts up. But 138 for one player? That’s just unheard of. Granted the kid did take 108 shots. A bit Kobe-esque if you ask me. He was averaging a shot every 20 seconds. Straight selfish. I mean at what point, with your team up by 70 points, was the coach thinking, alright Taylor, I think a hundy spot is solid. Good game kid, why don’t you grab some pine. While that might have been the normal thing to do, I’ll give the coach some credit here. We live in the land of the free, let the kid play it out. Why hold him to 100 when he can clearly put up 38 more?…’Merica!


With that said and after watching the video, there’s no doubt his performance was impressive. But the question is, was it more selfish than impressive? What do you think?

The Strangest College Mascots

With NCAA football in full swing and college hoops right around the corner, I figured now would be a good time to celebrate some college athletics. One of the most iconic aspects of any college team is their mascot. Sure, some are more important to their schools than others, some are actual animals or figures and some are made up, but some are just flat out weird. I’m talking, weird in the sense that you need to Google it to find out what the hell it is. Even if you think you know what it means, chances are you’re wrong. Earlier this morning, OnlineColleges.net sent me this list of 15 Mascots That Need Some Explaining. Here is the list that sums up some of the weirdest college mascots in the nation. For the explanation behind why they fit into this category, click HERE.

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