Blue Hills Regional AD Says Ref made a “Great Call”

This story has gotten a lot of national attention this week, and its well deserved. I’ve been following a lot of the backlash on it and if you’ve seen some of my recent posts about the Cathedral High School Senior who was called for taunting while scoring the teams would-be super bowl winning touchdown you understand whats going on. When I was reading the article on ESPN today I came across something I hadn’t seen before. Apparently the Blue Hills Regional AD was interviewed after the game and this was his take on it.

Blue Hills Regional Technical School athletic director and head football coach Ed Catabia told The Boston Globe on Sunday that the referee made “a great call, the right call.”We try and play by the rules, and the rule is ‘no celebrating,’ ” he said.

No celebrating? Seriously? Like how big of a pussy could this guy possibly be? I’m sure not a single player on his team has ever celebrated a big play before. I would have loved to see this happen to this idiot and then hear his reaction after the game; my bet is he would have a different opinion on it. I bet you could have interviewed almost any Blue Hills Regional player and they even were mature enough and wouldn’t have said it was a “great call”. This guy has to be one of the most asinine individuals around. It would be one thing to maybe refer to the call as justifiable based on the rules, but after your team steals a super bowl on some BS call you go out and say it was “great”. I would love to see a video of this interview. I can only picture him as some Sandusky look-alike smiling ear to ear after he knows damn right his team just stole a super bowl from the more deserving team. Christ, I really hope he somehow sees this article so he can realize how pathetic he is.

Fist Pump Costs Owens, Cathedral H.S. Super Bowl Title

Cathedral High School was just about to cap off an undefeated season with a Super Bowl victory when Matthew Owens scampered down the field to put Cathedral H.S. on top against rival Blue Hills Regional Technical School in the Division 4A Super Bowl game held at Bentley University on Saturday. Owens reached the 20 yard-line of Blue Hills Regional, threw up a single triumphant fist pump, ran into the end zone and handed the ball to the referee. When Owens turned around there was a flag on the field. Sure his first thought was probably a holding call on the offense, but when Owens was called for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty he was stunned. Owens was flagged for “taunting” from when he threw his fist up in the air in celebration and Blue Hills Regional went on to win the game 16-14. Cathedral H.S. Coach was not exactly thrilled either. Coach Duane Sigsbury stated, “If you’re going to take away from a kid being excited because he just made the play of his life, shame on you.” I could not agree more with the coach on this one. It’s an absolute disgrace that this referee flags a player at such an important time in such an important game for such a ridiculous penalty. This referee needs to be reprimanded. The best referee is one that goes unnoticed, and this guy did a really terrible job at that. He took away a Super Bowl title from a whole school and completely ruined Matthew Owens’ dreams. If Owens had spiked the ball and actually taunted the opponent, than shame on him and it would have been well deserved, but when an 18-year-old kid raises his hand in the air when scoring a Super Bowl winning touchdown and a referee flags him for it, that’s a disgrace and the MIAA should be ashamed of themselves. Take a look at the photo below and let us know if you think Owens deserved to be flagged.