Top 10 College Homecoming Rituals

It’s been a long wait but college sports are back. And by college sports I pretty much mean football, although basketball isn’t too far away. Regardless, reminiscing my college days and further making me wish I went to a big D1 athletics school, I came across a pretty cool list.

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Barkley to Remain a Trojan

University of Southern California Quarterback Matt Barkley has decided to forego the NFL draft and complete his senior year next season.  He would have most likely been a top 10 pick and had the potential to make millions next year for whichever team needed a quarterback after Andrew Luck gets chosen.   I can go along with this decision for the sole fact that I respect his chase for a national championship after being royally screwed the last two seasons because of Reggie Bush and others taking bribes.

Hopefully Barkley can go through his final season the same way he did this season—on top.  He threw for 3,528 yards, 39 touchdowns,  and only 7 interceptions.  If he keeps up with this pace, he could go down as the best quarterback in the elite school’s history.  The Trojans (insert condom reference here) will most likely be pre-ranked in the top 3 teams next season, and he will almost certainly be the front-runner for the Heisman (even though their pick doesn’t always win.. See Andrew Luck)

BCS Selection Woes

The BCS system has done its annual part in ticking off most college football fans again.  Although Alabama may very well be the second best team in the country, there are a lot of people out there who think that they do not deserve another shot at the LSU Tigers because they have already lost to them 9-6 in a defensive game.  Alabama’s defense is actually ranked first and LSU is right behind them in almost every category.  Oklahoma State has the same record as Alabama but they had lost to Iowa State a few weeks ago and they are 8th in their conference.  It’s a little tougher for Alabama since they are forced to play their division rivals during the season.  Alabama’s coach Nick Saban trusts the system and thinks that LSU and Alabama are the top two teams in the country.  Either way, it looks like the SEC will win its 6th consecutive national title this season.  One ESPN writer compared it to the Yankees and Red Sox playing in the world series.  What do you guys think?