8 Pats to the Pro Bowl

I was doing my hourly check of ESPN.com and was pretty surprised to see that the Pats found a way to land eight – yes, eight- players in the Pro Bowl. The fact that this team has been pretty make-shift since day 1 and found a way to send the most players to the Pro Bowl is a testament to how well prepared and why the Patriots have the best front office in the game. This also illustrates how Tom Brady makes everyone around him that much better. Besides Brady, they will be sending Wes, Gronk, WIlfork, Andre Carter, Waters, Mankins and Matthew Slater (he’s a special teamer so the Pats only actually send 7.5). I think that Hernandez should also have been sprinkled into the mix, but I guess you can only send one behemoth TE per team.

Nonetheless, the Pats have created a winning team with an eclectic mix of players on all sides of the ball. This organization flat out knows how to win and I have a feeling will be making a deep run into the playoffs, and that’s a lot coming from a Steelers fan.


1 thought on “8 Pats to the Pro Bowl

  1. You have to love what Matthew Slater has done not just this year but since day 1 with the Pats. It was a well deserved selection. The state line (46 rec yds, 54 KR yds, 6 rush yds, 24 tackles, 1 forced fumble) may not be mind boggling but it is certainly well versed.

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