College Round Up

Wednesday was not a good day for undefeated teams in college basketball.  Both #4 Louisville and #13 Indiana lost their games, leaving only Syracuse, Baylor, Missouri, and Murray State as the undefeated teams in the top 25. (Keep in mind that Murray State has not played any high ranked teams, and won’t for the rest of the season so it is tough to tell how good they are)  Baylor barely slipped by #14 Mississippi State in the final seconds of a close match.

#1 Syracuse, #2 Ohio State, & #3 Kentucky all won by more than 20 points, and with Louisville losing just their first game, they will most likely still remain in the top 8. #9 UConn rode Jeremy Lamb’s 22 points to a slight win over USF.  As much as I hate to admit it, UNC will most likely move up to the 4th rank and Duke & Baylor will round out the next two spots, due to their weak upcoming schedule.

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