NFL Power Rankings – Week 13

1. Packers (11-0) – Their record speaks for itself.

2. Patriots (8-3) – Their offense is still great and the defense is improving each week.

3. Ravens (8-3) – They shut down the 49ers on Thanksgiving without Ray Lewis. They’ll be even better when he’s back.

4. Saints (8-3) – 49 points against the Giants defense is no fluke.

5. Steelers (8-3) – Big Ben looks good and they’re defense is strong as always.

6. 49ers (9-2) – They hung in there with the Ravens. Their shaky offense is why they are here.

7. Cowboys (7-4) – If they played up to their talent level they could be in the top 5.

8. Lions (7-4) – They still have Megatron and a solid defense. If they can survive without Suh the next two weeks they should make the playoffs.

9. Giants (6-5) – Similar to the Cowboys. Still have a great pass rush and a solid offense.

10. Falcons (7-4) – Their offense is getting better.

11. Raiders (7-4) – Palmer looks great and Bush has helped them miss McFadden a little less.

12. Jets (6-5) – They still have Rex Ryan, but to counter that they also still have Mark Sanchez.

13. Bengals (7-4) – The rookie combination on offense continues to shine, the defense looks solid also. Unfortunately they have to play the Ravens and Steelers twice each season.

14. Broncos (6-5) – One name is all you need to know. Tim Tebow, he’s a winner.

15. Bears (7-4) – We saw what Caleb Hanie could do. It reflects in this weeks ranking.

16. Texans (7-4) – Now officially the worst 7-4 team in the league. Who is the QB in Houston again?

17. Titans (6-5) – If Chris Johnson can play like he did last week, they have a solid playoff shot.

18. Eagles (4-7) – The best 4-7 dream team in NFL history.

19. Chargers (4-7) – My bet is Norv Turner won’t be living in San Diego next season.

20. Redskins (4-7) – Teams don’t make the playoffs with quarterbacks like John Beck and Rex Grossman.

21. Bills (5-6) – They have completely fallen apart and have basically no shot at the playoffs.

22. Buccaneers (4-7) – Josh Freeman has had an off year, and so has a lot of the team.

23. Seahawks (4-7) – Similar to the Washington situation, you usually don’t make the playoffs with QB’s like Jackson and Whitehurst.

24. Dolphins (3-8) – They look like they are turning around, its a little too late though.

25. Cardinals (4-7) – Same as many other teams in the NFL, Kevin Kolb doesn’t look like the solution.

26. Panthers (3-8) – Imagine if they didn’t have Cam Newton?

27. Vikings (2-9) – Hey at least they’ll probably have a top 5 pick.

28. Browns (4-7) – Their offense is just terrible.

29. Jaguars (3-8) – I’ve been surprised Jack Del Rio lasted this long.

30. Rams (2-9) – What a disappointing year for Sam Bradford.

31. Chiefs (4-7) – Tyler Palko just isn’t gonna cut it.

32. Colts (0-11) – Doesn’t get any worse.

4 thoughts on “NFL Power Rankings – Week 13

  1. “20. Redskins (4-7) – Teams don’t make the playoffs with quarterbacks like John Beck and Rex Grossman.” oh so rex grossman didnt play against the colts in the superbowl?

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