Sunday Woes

I’ve been putting off commenting on Sunday’s game vs. the Giants. It’s not that we lost that I’m aggravated. Although below our expectations, the Pats are still sitting atop the AFC East alongside the Jets and the Bills. It’s not that Brady threw three picks or that Stephen Gostkowski missed a field goal from 4 feet away. It’s the fact that we added to the ever growing ego of “Mr. Close Your Eyes Toss the Ball”. I despise Peyton Manning along with most Bostonians, but we can admit he’s a premier quarterback. I despise Eli Manning along with most Bostonians because he thinks he can fall in the same category as his brother and Brady (and because of some other minor event that occurred which I will chose not to bring up). Regardless, we need to step our game up. The first half was clearly a defensive battle, with the Pats showing signs of life on that side of the ball for the first time all season. Then finally once the offense decided to come around, the defense backed off yet again. It’s only a matter of time before Belichick pulls them together though. Pats vs. Packers in the bowl. In Bill We Trust.

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