Patriot Nation: Not Our Finest Moment

I don’t know if anyone caught on, but yesterday was more or less a day of silence here at the Boston Sports Blog. A protest, hometown sorrow, reluctance to think about the event that occurred Sunday…call it what you will, but it was in everyone’s best interest to just leave it out of the equation. After all, there really is nothing to say.

With a day gone by we’ve now had some time to reflect on the game, although it’ll definitely take a whole lot longer to get over it. Regardless, I’m not going to dive into the details of the game because we all know how it ended and no one wants to hear it. Instead, how about the aftermath? It hurts to lose to New York in any sport, whether a preseason game or spring training baseball game. What happened after the Pat’s loss Sunday, notice I’m calling it a Pat’s loss not a Giants’ victory, was very “unPatriot-like”. The two most obvious:

-Gronk and Co. getting Gronked (that’s an understatement) at a post game party

-Mrs. Tom Brady ripping on the receivers

A very New York-esque reaction to a loss if you ask me. We’re not used to seeing this in Boston, especially from a Belichick disciplined Patriot squad. It’s hard to hate on Gronk for doing his thing but it’s just not exactly the same a few hours post loss. Granted, Giselle isn’t a player and the rest of the team came to the receiver’s defense, here’s my question. Which incident was the worst to see as a Pats fan?


8 thoughts on “Patriot Nation: Not Our Finest Moment

  1. This isn’t the Patriots of old, with the classiness and the no one says anything at all attitude. This a new generation. And Gisele isn’t a part of the team, she is Tom Brady’s wife… What do you expect her to say? The part about the partying despite the loss is much worse to see.

  2. I think your over-thinking it. They are our age and go out and drink and party because they are famous and want to forget about things.. we do it all the time we just don’t get pictures taken of us.

  3. No I know where your coming from in that sense. Yeah, they’re young and clearly Gronk has made it known that he will be Gronk no matter what. That’s legit and everyone loves him for it but you need to remember 22 or 32 years old, these guys are still professional athletes. Their actions on and off the field are going to directly reflect on their organization. It’s seen on every team and in every sport. The Patriots have never been an organization that tolerates poor actions and egos off the field. In the time Gronk became the Gronk we know, the Pats were winning. Sunday, they lost. Drink a bottle of Jack to your face with your buddies, rave with LMFAO next week.

  4. You know considering this year was dedicated to Myra Kraft I really would have liked to see more class and humbleness after losing the super bowl.

  5. i will not vote. i don’t either on of them is a bad thing, The boys needed to blow off some steam and party it up. When i was there age that what i did as for giselle he was in the heat of the moment and she was talking to some juerk from NY she didn’t say it to the media, the media should sty out of it

  6. Since when does a professional not get a chance to unwind after a tough day at work?

    Gronk’s feeling pretty bad, I’d bet. He doesn’t get injured, my humble, Pats win. I simply don’t see why what they do after the game matters that much. OK, maybe if Brady or Belichick did, I’d be upset. But hey, they get all the credit when the Pats win, right? They should get more scrutiny when the Pats lose. (They were the primary reasons that the Pats did.) Gronk damn near won the game. He gets a pass.

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