Trading Deadline Nears – Make a Move Pete!!

Well after this weekends games (including Thursday night’s game vs. the Canes) the B’s came away with 2 points. Not quite the 4 points I was hoping for. The team played poorly vs the Hurricanes and got swept in the season series which is an embarrassment, but we at least we don’t have to worry about seeing them in the playoffs. Before the big game on Sunday the Bruins earned a strong win over a skilled Caps team, hopefully giving Chiarelli a chance to take a look at a potential trade target, Alexander Semin.

Based on their play so far, I think this team has a legitimate shot to repeat with the expectation to at the very least be back in the Conference finals. Last season Kelly and Pevs added a lot to the team in terms of depth, experience, toughness, and in Pev’s case, speed. The Bruins have a ton of cap room so they can afford to take a rental with an expiring contract. This team already has a lot of young talent so adding a strong veteran (similar to a Recchi) should benefit the team, but also adding a guy like Semin with some sniping ability is going to help the powerplay.

The golden rule for Chiarelli: DONT F UP the chemistry!!! It’s a big part of this team’s success.

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