Patriots vs. Giants: The Secondary

Okay so from today until next Friday before the Super Bowl I will analyze the Patriots vs Giants matchup position by position. Today I am going to begin with the Secondary.

We’ll start with the Giants. Their secondary has been one of the worst in all of football, and the fact that it has been that bad with the pass rush they have is pretty pathetic. Opponents’ quarterbacks are always under pressure and they still allowed 28 TD passes and over 4000 yards. If the Giants were up 20 points in most games this year and opposing QB’s were forced into situations where they had to throw the ball this stat would be somewhat inflated. That’s not the case. The lone bright spot of their secondary is that they ranked 6th in the league with 20 interceptions. If the Patriots O-Line are able to keep Brady on his feet, expect some serious numbers to be put up on this defense.

Overall grade: D+

20120124-105302.jpgThe Patriots’ secondary has been in shambles all season. The move to switch McCourty to safety was a great one in my opinion. The Patriots’ secondary allowed over 4700 passing yards this season and allowed 26 touchdowns against, both ranking amongst the worst in the NFL. Like the Giants; the Pats also ranked amongst the best in the NFL with 23 interceptions. The Patriots secondary has been slowly improving and the pieces seem to be falling into place. They are going to be tested early and often against this confident Giant offense, and their performance may be the deciding factor in this game.

Overall grade: D

Edge: Giants


13 thoughts on “Patriots vs. Giants: The Secondary

  1. Yes, in-fact i do think he’s playing better… The giants have beaten the Jets, Cowboys (basically a playoff game), Falcons (wildcard), Packers (divisional), and now the 49ers. Who have the patriots beaten in the last 5 games? The ravens? Big deal… expect a repeat of week 9 and 2007. Poor pats fans are going to lose another superbowl to the giants

  2. We are discussing ELI vs brady here… The jets huh? Brady beat em twice. The cowboys , packers and falcons? You call those quality defenses? Even the broncos defense blows away all three of those teams.

      • I don’t recall saying that. The argument was Eli vs Brady and you took a shot at who brady has faced, stating Eli has faced more quality defenses, that certainly is not the case. Eli throws together a few good games and all of a sudden hes the best I’m the NFL? Barring a career ending injury he isn’t even the best manning in the NFL. Fact

  3. Theirs no way he went to school for writing nor did he play football so his write ups are pretty much guessed and opinionated

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