Updated College MVP

A little over a month ago, I took a poll to see who everyone thought the MVP of college basketball was.  Jarred Sullinger received the most votes, with Perry Jones III came in second.  I thought it would be fun to take it again to see how players have grown (or fell off).  I used the same exact players that I did a month ago, with updated stats and ranks.  I think that many things have changed since the last poll. UConn completely fell off and I don’t see Jeremy Lamb as being a top 5 player anymore.  Even though Kansas has lost 3 games, they are still one of the top teams thanks to their superstar Thomas Robinson, who averages a double-double and is a beast on both ends of the floor.

Just about everyone’s stats have dropped off a bit, but that is to be expected with the heart of the season playing out. So who do you guys think is the MVP of the league so far, just over halfway through the season?


9 thoughts on “Updated College MVP

    • He is a great player on a great team your right. But there are 6 people on Kentucky that average over 9.9 points per game. Paul Pierce was the best player on the celtics when they won in 2008 but no one would pick him as mvp of the league just because they were top ranked. This is because they have such a great supporting cast.
      When Davis enters the draft (which will most likely happen because wildcats never finish school) , they will still be a top 5 team. They should clearly be in the top 3 and he is one of the best players but i do not agree that he is the MVP

    • I’m guessing you meant Cody Zeller because Tyler is on the shitty Tar Heels. I agree he is good but his numbers aren’t amazing. Sure he is a good defensive presence but still on a team where all the starters average double digit points and they still manage to have 4 losses..

  1. you have no idea what you’re talking about. How can you say he doesn’t deserve MVP over any of those players. Davis is the most complete player in College Bball, plays hard at both ends of the floor, and his team is unarguably the best in college ball right now. He averages 13 ppg 10 rebs and 5 blocks. If you honestly think jeremy lamb deserves mvp over anthony davis you are downright stupid.
    BTW Can’t compare Paul Pierce on 08′ celts to Anthony Davis on 2012 wildcats apples and organges my friend.

    • No shit you cant think that Jeremy lamb is as good as him. If you read it, i used the original pickings to see how things changed. I used players that were on the top pre season rankings, and as i said, i just changed the statistics to see how the numbers have changed and how players fell off.

    • If you really want to call someone out for not knowing anything about college basketball talk about yourself. If you knew anything about how the Kentucky system works you would understand that David may be their best stats player but they play as an inside outside team. Which means the only reason Davis gets the looks he does is because of people on the outside like Lamb and Kidd-Gilchrist. This Kentucky team may be one of the best all time but Davis is not even the best complete player on the floor. If you really want to talk about someone like that look at John Henson of North Carolina he is averaging better stats in all categories except blocks which is barley behind in. Next time you want to call someone out know what your talking about please.

      • hahaha who knows nothing? probably the shitty blogger and his butt buddy jeremy. keep studying you idiots

  2. And theres a reason why its a poll, so more than one person vote, not just your opinion matters. Most people would choose thomas robinson or sullinger, if he didnt get hurt. Doesn’t mean anyones right so relax a bit

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