Brandon Marshall Detained in Miami

Brandon Marshall is back at it again with his idiotic off the field antics. Police detained Marshall at 7 AM this morning for apparently not paying for a $142 cab fair. Marshall said he had been at a party and got into the cab to go home in Southwest Ranches. He fell asleep in the cab and awoke at the airport. The driver of the cab said Marshall told him he needed to go into the airport to use the restroom, then just jumped into another cab and took off. He was later detained when the dispatcher alerted the driver about Marshall and the cab driver drove him to police. First off, what the hell was he doing out at 7 AM on a Wednesday night? Doesn’t he have this thing called practice on Thursday? Marshall makes over $6.5 million per year and he can’t pay for a $142 cab fair. Either this guy was belligerently drunk on a Wednesday night, or he really is as dumb as he sounded several weeks back when he said he was going to “get ejected” when his at the time winless Dolphins were taking on the Jets. Either way this is just another case of some primadona receiver that can’t handle being a public figure.

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