Replacements Have Been Replaced

By now you’re probably well aware that the real NFL officials are back in business starting tonight and the replacement refs are heading back to their couches. Order has been restored to the NFL. I gotta say though, I think I might miss it. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer the regular refs over these jabronies any day, especially as it affected the Pats. But what I will miss is the excitement. I mean how could you not? Every play, a chance to hop on the bandwagon and rip the refs a new one. Of course they were a big joke, but that was the fun of it. With the Pats and my fantasy players out of the picture, I’ve never been more entertained watching games that didn’t matter to me in my life. Every night another chance to join the masses in laughing, yelling, and making fun of a bunch of average Joe’s. Now the regular refs are back and for this week everyone will be tuned in to see if they can live up to the hype. After that, it’s back to normal. They’ll still get ripped apart by fans, players, and coaches. So it begs the question, would you rather have seen the replacement refs last a little longer, or are you glad Goodell came to his senses when he did?

PS. Keep in mind the Pats are up against the Bills Sunday. I don’t think I would have minded one more week of the circus.


1 thought on “Replacements Have Been Replaced

  1. First, it was a game-deciding call against the Packers that paved the way for the real refs to get paid. Second, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was one of the few voices loudly complaining about the replacement officials, which if anything would make the real officials less inclined to stick it to the Packers.

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