What Just Happened?

The last time the Pats had a losing record (1-2) entering week 3, the Celtics had not won a world championship in 15 years, the Bruins hadn’t won the Stanley Cup in 29 years, the Red Sox hadn’t won a World Series in 83 years, and the Patriots had never won a Super Bowl. The last time the Pats had a losing record entering week 3, the year was 2001, or better yet, the year that started a decade of Boston sports dominance. The last time the Pats had a losing record entering week 3, they were Super Bowl champions.

Obviously it sucks and Monday’s are just that much worse when the Patriots don’t win, granted we’re not too used to that, but everything will be fine. The Cardinals are a good team (3-0), who we played like garbage against and should have won. The Ravens are also a good team, and we arguably did win that game. I’m not going to even get started on the replacement refs because they were just all around miserable for both teams. Just an utter disgrace out there and an embarrassment to the NFL not just in our game, although especially in our game, but all day across the NFL. Nonetheless, we put ourselves in the position to lose on our own and much of it started in the secondary. McCourty missed not one, but two more opportunities for a pick this week and Kyle Arrington got tripped up by the turf monster on what was sure to be a game ending interception on the Raven’s final drive. Capitalize on just one of these plays and it’s a win. It’s also a win if the opposing team misses the game winning field goal, but I won’t touch on that yet. I’m still confused about that.

PS – On a side note, you gotta be happy for Torrey Smith last night after what he had to endure just hours before the game. You can never wish that kind of misfortune on anyone, so to come out and play the way he did was great. After all, it’s just a game.

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