Yanks Bathroom Photoshoot, Typical

It being only the beginning of Spring Training, I usually hold off on the Yankee insults til at least the beginning of spring games. Don’t get me wrong, the “Yankees Suck” chants are a year round calling for all Boston fans, whether you’re at a Bruins, Celts, Pats game, or even a Sox game against the Blue Jays or any team other than the Yanks. It’s all fair game, but this time of year tends to be an unsaid down time for Yankee hatred, at least publicly, as there’s more of a focus on what’s new within the Sox organization and just an overall pleasant feeling knowing that baseball’s just around the corner.

Needless to say, I was reading something about the Yanks that I found pretty funny. Then a friend sent over a video of it, thanks Steph, and I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share it. Apparently as part of their preseason media day, the Yanks did part of their photo shoots in a bathroom at their Spring Training facility in Tampa. I mean we all know A-Rod loves the mirror pics, but I guess now the whole team’s on board. New York Yankees and bathroom photo shoots. Yeah, sounds about right.

Video Here: Yanks Bathroom Photo Shoot


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