Manny Being Manny

20120220-160038.jpgThe big news around the MLB today is good old Manny Ramirez coming back to play for the Oakland A’s. Regardless of whether you’re a Manny fan or not here in Boston, this is good for baseball. How could it not be? Manny puts people in seats. The Dodgers basically marketed their entire first season with him on the roster around his “Manny being Manny” brand, ie. Mannywood. Unfortunately for us in Boston, the three times Manny would’ve been at Fenway this year, he’ll be on the bench serving out a 50 game suspension from the league. But you can’t even tell me the old ballpark wouldn’t have been sold out those three games. Who knows if Ramirez still has the swing, but with a one year deal worth about $500,000, I guess you could say the A’s are playing Moneyball.

Personally, I like Manny. Don’t get me wrong, he took a turn for the worst in his final days in a Sox uniform and no can argue that, but he helped bring us two world championships. He was there to break the Curse of the Bambino. In his prime, Red Sox Nation loved Manny. In the time since, a lot of people lost that love with his over the top antics, and I don’t blame them. So I’m interested to see what you guys think about him now. What does Red Sox Nation think of Manny Ramirez now?



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