College Weekend Recap

It was a good day to watch college basketball on Saturday with barely anything else on as a Boston sports fan.  #14 Murray State was able to beat #16 Saint Mary’s by double digits,  while #1 Kentucky, #5 Kansas, & #7 North Carolina were all able to do the same in their games.  #6 Ohio State was upset by rival #19 Michigan 56-51.  #15 San Diego St was also upset for the 3rd straight game against Air Force.

On Sunday, there were few good games on.  For a while, unranked Rutgers was able to keep it close against #2 Syracuse but the Orange proved to be too much in the Big Ten conference battle as they beat them by 10.  #4 Duke also ran right over BC with a final score of 75-50.

March Madness is right around the corner!

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