New Rankings

#1 Kentucky and #2 Syracuse both cemented their places at the top of the rankings for at least one more week.  Ohio State, however, lost their 3rd place ranking and are now #6, thanks to now #8 Michigan State. #7 UNC lost to #4 Duke, but only fell two spots. Missouri moved from 4th to 3rd and Kansas moved from 10th to 5th.

Other Moves
Duke 9th to 4th
Mich. St. 12th to 8th
Baylor 6th to 10th
UNLV 16th to 11th
Florida 7th to 12th
Marquette 19th to 13th
Murray State 7th to 14th
Notre Dame NR to 25th
Gonzaga NR to 24th

1 thought on “New Rankings

  1. Well if you whcated the Pitt Uconn game you wouldve noticed that similar to the nova tennesee game that the game was floating around an 8 to ten point game for most of the night so the 15 point win wasnt quite as it seemed and Uconn did play fairly well in the second half of that game. Also if you whcated the Uconn South Florida game ( as i did every minute) i noticed that Uconn was really staying away from Kemba Walker in the first half and trying to see what their freshman could do. As a Uconn fan i was never at any point concerned about them losing the game or did i think they didnt have it under control. the difference was througout most of the game south florida was knocking down fairly tough contested jump shots which is going to happen on some nights and that obviously was not going to last throughout the night, seeing as they didnt score a point through the first 4 and a half minutes of overtime. As far as those games being played at home, yes they were, as was novas game that they trailed at half time to rutgers, and if the extent of your tough away games is a ten minute trip down the road to the roudy lasalle arena than im sorry i didnt take that into account. But what im still confused about and im sorry if i missed the answer, what has been impressive about nova? They havent really beat anybody good in my eyes and they lost to a tennesee team who granted was playing good at the time, but so was Kentucky who Uconn beat. My point is that based on resumes alone there is no way a one loss team whose only loss is on the road to the number six team in the country and has 2 wins against top ten opponents should be ranked below a team with the same amount of losses (who lost to tennessee on neutral court) and whose only quality win was at temple, which isnt nearly #2 michigan st at the time or #9 Kentucky.

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