Bruins Heading Into the Weekend

Things around the Bruins have been terrible as of late. The beating received from the Sabres was a bad start and on top that Tim Thomas is creating unnecessary turmoil and distractions. On his official Facebook page, Thomas posted the message, “I Stand with the Catholics in the fight for Religious Freedom.”

He doesn’t explain or give any context, but that makes two occasions in the last couple weeks where Tim Thomas is playing politics. Get back to playing hockey Tim. Claude says Thomas’ comments are not a distraction and won’t be moving forward. I guess we will see. And the worst news to report is that Nathan Horton has stopped skating due to post-concussion syndrome. It sucks that he is regressing, but maybe that will spur Chiarelli to make a move for a big-time scorer like Semin to replace that production if Horton’s symptoms continue to linger.

Game vs. the Predators on today at 1:00. They are a great team this year and if the Bruins overlook them in favor of their Eastern conference showdown with the Rangers on Tuesday, it’s going to be tough to win.

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