Flaw in an NFL rule? How much did it effect the Patriots?

Well that was devastating…I’m not going to sit here and tell you a full story on how or why the Patriots lost this game, its over and done with. I’m just as upset as the next guy and I’m sure none of you want to hear any more about it.

Obviously there has been some post game comments by Tom Brady’s wife taking shots at their wide-receivers lack of ability to bring in the big catch, but then again what does she know? Here comes something I’m sure most of you haven’t heard about.

20120207-095859.jpgQuick rewind here: Go back to the Patriots play with 17 seconds left with the ball on their own 44 yard line. Brady lines up and out trots 12 Giants defenders. Was it intentional? Doesn’t really matter anymore and if it was then it’s a smart call by Coughlin and the Giants staff. They run the play; Brady sees the flag and then takes his shot down the field. The pass falls incomplete with 9 seconds to go in the game and the referee makes his call. The Giants get a 5-yard penalty for too many men on the field, and yes that’s the right call. But what about the clock? The clock stayed at 9 seconds remaining. Some of you might be asking what my point is here. So instead of the Patriots getting two, or even three shots at the end zone they end up with one. What is 5-yards at this point in the game? It’s nothing. Anyone in his or her right mind would exchange 8 seconds run off the clock for 5 yards at this point. What prevents a defense from sending 16 guys out there in this situation? It’s a very slim possibility any team completes a big play against 16 defenders. Clearly this is not the reason for the outcome of this game, but I am pretty certain the NFL will be changing this rule.

14 thoughts on “Flaw in an NFL rule? How much did it effect the Patriots?

  1. I’m sure if you intentionally put 16 men out there, you get a 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty probably before the ball is snapped. The 12 men rule is in regards to a substitution mistake and not something intentional. Of course, they would never know if you intentionally put 12 men out there, but if you did it over and over, it would be 15 yards and probably presnap. If Brady saw 12 men, he should spike it, take his 5 yards, spike it again, etc. That would run off maybe 2 seconds to spike it? Do that 5 times and you are 25 yards downfield 10 seconds later (just as if you had passed it 25 yards) AND the clock stops on a penalty. However, if he chucks it into the end zone and its picked off, then he gets 5 yards and a do over. I see too much downside on this as a defensive maneuver and not enough upside. Even with 12 men, you aren’t guaranteed to stop them.

  2. I actually thought that when I was watching the game too. Stupid rule, poor execution nonetheless. Thanks for the insight Coochus.

  3. Without going into to much detail of the clock running after penalties, the “Too many men on the field” call is actually a well known tatic, and has been for quite some time. If you check this out http://smartfootball.com/defense/buddy-ryans-polish-goalline-tactic , its a formation buddy ryan would use at the end of games using 14 players. It will be intresting to see if the NFL actually does change the rules on this, im surprised they didint after the 1993 season when Buddy first used the polish goaline.

    Anyhow, the correct way to counter it would be to just spike the ball, chewing up only 1 second of time for 5 yards of field. Its just a situation most teams dont think about or use in practice.

  4. And no, as of now you will not get an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for trotting out to many players intentionally. But that could change for the start of next year.

    Just a FYI, Justin Tuck was leaving the field with his helmet off but Brady snapped the ball while he was still a couple steps inbounds.

  5. In response to Norberg, those are you assumptions, not NFL rules. Too many men is too many men, and I wasn’t implying its a good tactic to do it numerous times. and 16 players was just a reference, you throw 13 out their it could still look “unintentional” and would certainly increase the chances of stopping a deep pass. That one play cost the Patriots half of their remaining time and gave them just under 9% of their remaining field. Certainly a great trade off for the Giants.

  6. “Then again what does she know” probaly more about football you, both have the same playing experience im assuming you have none. Shes at everygame and has tom brady as a husband. Good rule wasn’t intentional bradys fault for not seeing it. Ever think he did see it and knew it was worth a shoy?

  7. So if she goes to the games she must know a lot about football? Right. That makes a lot of sense.

    Not to mention her comment had nothing to do with the knowledge of the game and more to do with just common sense. You dont go bashing your husbands teammates publicly acting like it was their fault when he was equally responsible.

    And to the grammar police that had nothing to contribute to the conversation, go eat dirt or something.

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