Top Five Gronk Moments

In honor of Gronk’s breakout season and the Patriots making it to the Super Bowl, we’re going to count down the top five moments of the year for Rob Gronkowski. To start us of at #5, we’re going with one of many mashup Gronk songs that pretty much sums up the season of the Gronk.

1 thought on “Top Five Gronk Moments

  1. This comment does not belong here, but I wanted to post my reply to your comment…

    Jtulz – I was being sarcastic. Fact of the matter is, I just flat out do not like Shaun White. I don’t like his stupid tight pants, I don’t like his flaming red mane, I don’t like that he campaigned to have his nickname changed from “the flying tomato” to “the animal” (doesn’t sound cooler, you just seem like a control freak), I don’t like his stupid stride gum flavor (it probably tastes like chicken asshole slathered in toothpaste), and I don’t like that he scored 100 on his victory lap in the superpipe. It was a free run, of course he’s going to throw tricks he’d never try if it counted. Are you seriously telling me he deserved what could possibly be the ONLY 100 the event will ever see on his victory lap? He wouldn’t have even gotten it if he wasn’t snowboarding’s favorite son, and the judges all had hardons for him.

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to hate on Shaun White, we appreciate your comment and viewership.

    Tell your friends.

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