KG for THREE! Wait, What?

You know it’s a good night for the Celtics when KG’s dropping dimes from the arc. The guys in green flat out embarrassed the Raptors last night, posting a 100-64 victory at the Garden. I mean beating the Raptors should leave no sense of accomplishment, but for the fans that paid only $7 for a ticket to the game, they sure got more than what they paid for. The Celts needed this kind of boost. Although all signs have pointed to this season being a bust, winning in this fashion helps separate us from the lower half of the league, proving that the old men can still ball. Showing the Celtics’ true colors. Not to mention, this game gave the younger guys an opportunity to gain some experience on the floor, with all five starters sitting out the entire fourth quarter. An added bonus, much needed rest for the elders in this compact schedule. The C’s finally broke .500, sitting at 11-10 on the season. It could be a stretch, but I still have faith in this team. Still a lot of ball left to be played. On a side note, Rondo could be back in the lineup tomorrow. Things are looking up.

Sorry Ray, KG’s got range!


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