College Recap

For those of you too focused on the NFL playoffs this weekend, you missed a pretty good weekend in college basketball.  #5 Ohio State defeated #8 Indiana in a battle of the Big Ten powerhouses.  #6 Duke came back against unranked Clemson to upset them late in the second half.  More importantly, #3 UNC got smoked by 33 points against unranked Florida State (FSU). I only put that because we all know what FSU stands for and thats exactly what they did.  #16 UConn handed Notre Dame their first home loss in 29 games, and #1 Syracuse and #2 Kentucky both held on to keep their top rankings in tact.

#1 Syracuse looks to stay perfect against unranked Pittsburgh tonight in a battle of the Big East.  Another good game to watch for those of you who don’t wanna watch the Bruins win and the Celtics lose, is #4 Baylor vs. #10 Kansas, where Baylor looks to stay undefeated in a conference battle.

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