Pre-Free Agents

The NBA is basically revolving around Chris Paul and Dwight Howard right now and where they will end up, either before the season (12 days away) or during the season.  Neither the Hornets or the Magic are willing to lose their stars after this season without getting something in return.  Negotiations have re-opened between the Clippers of Los Angeles and the Hornets, to send Chris Paul to LA.  The Clips have also won a waiver bid on Chauncey Billups.  Although Billups has gone on record to say that he will not report to any training camp of a team that is not in direct contention for a championship this season, so we will see how that goes.

The Orlando Magic and Dwight Howard may be able to stay together if they can show that they want to make the Magic a legitimate championship contender by signing more stars around him, such as Billups.  Might be kinda tough to get him away from the Clippers because they are looking to become the new number one team in LA with their young team.  They think that they can overcome the old age of Kobe, Gasol, and Fisher, and constantly injured Andrew Bynum (now that they lost Lamar Kardashian).  Even without Chris Paul, they are young and Mo Williams, Gordon, and Blake Griffin could spend a lot of years there.  But can they compete for a title? Could they even win their division?

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