College Round Up

It was a weekend full of upsets in college basketball.  And it wasn’t just me feeling upset that Duke and North Carolina both won.  #1 Kentucky was upset by unranked, but undefeated Indiana at the buzzer.  Probably the most exciting game of the year so far in my opinion.  #2 Ohio State was also upset by #13 Kansas.  It should be mentioned, however, that the Buckeyes were playing without the best player (in my opinion) in the league due to back spasms.  I think they will still be ranked near the top once he is back and well.

Usually, I wouldn’t comment on a team like Xavier that no one cares about, including myself, but if you watch the news at all, you should know what happened.  A bench clearing brawl, including everyone that could reach an opposing player, ended a blow out by #8 Xavier of Cincinnati before the game was even over.  The only thing that was missing was Ron Artest running into the stands and punching fans in the face.  I am willing to bet that Artest (or as he now likes to be called Metta World Peace??) is laughing like hell remembering his ‘glory’ days with the Pacers.

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