Flyin’ under the Radar

With all this CP3 drama going on – which is a total mess – a lot of people have failed to notice one of the biggest acquisitions of this off season, Shane Battier. As Chris rightfully mentioned yesterday, Shane Battier will be the “biggest role player in the league this year.” I think that he hit the nail on the head with this assumption. The 33 year old defensive veteran is the final piece of the Heat Puzzle. That team doesn’t need scorers, we get that, but this signing will allow each of the Big 3 to specialize. First, you’re taking some weight off of Lebron, who normally has the duty of guarding the opposing top scorer. This will further allow him to focus on creating on the offensive side and dropping for help-D down low. Second, he is a perfect fit for the clubhouse. This guy is a total gamer, loves to win, and is a veteran presence amongst superstar egos. This move also bolsters the Heat bench a bit, too. A stronger presence on the defensive side will also allow the Heat to ramp up their transition game. The list goes on and on. I really think that this could be the biggest off season acquisition, and it could be a catalyst to a dynasty…

2 thoughts on “Flyin’ under the Radar

  1. What do you think about their shortcomings in the center position? Does their overall talent cover this deficiency or do you think it will come back to bite them down the stretch?

  2. Thanks for agree Nons. I think they are already a stronger team than last year plus they resigned Chalmers and Jones (Their #4 and #5 scorers from last season). They are going to be tough to beat even without an all-star or even mediocre center

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