Not Too Much “Brotherly Love” in Philly

I ventured off to Philadelphia this weekend with a group of friends to see the Patriots take on the Eagles. The Patriots dominated the Eagles 38-20 and the Philadelphia fans were not exactly thrilled about it. In the third quarter, there was a loud and clear “Fire Andy” chant throughout the stadium. Andy Reid has been the Head Coach of the Eagles since 1999 where he took over a team that went 3-13 the previous season. Reid completely turned that franchise around. He led the Eagles to four consecutive championships after only being the Head Coach for two seasons. Yes, this season has been a complete disaster for the Eagles but it wasn’t Coach Reid who put the spotlight on them by self-proclaiming themselves as the “Dream Team”. It was the players, and they deserve to take the blame. Every time DeSean Jackson touched the ball he got booed. Especially after dropping two potential TD passes. This is the difference between most team’s fans, and our New England fans. Everyone, (including Tom Brady) has criticized New England fans for not being as crazy and loud as others. If I was a Patriots player I would much rather have a fan base of loyal and more football educated, die-hard Patriots fans rather than a bunch of bandwagon drunks that are too delusional to realize the blame shouldn’t be on Andy Reid. Rather, it’s on their over-paid prima donna football players like DeSean Jackson.

3 thoughts on “Not Too Much “Brotherly Love” in Philly

  1. im going be completely honest… andy reid has been one of the worst play callers, motivators, and coaches in the NFL all year. ya hes been successful in the past but when you have the leagues leading rusher and your on your 2nd string QB and missing one of your top receivers and you still throw the ball 40 times…. theres no excuse for that and he should be fired

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