Gronk Nation

From the beginning we knew Gronk was an animal. As Barstool put it, “It’s Gronk’s world, we’re just living in it”. There’s no doubt he had a great time during the lockout and partied like the best of ’em, but it was a question as to how his off-field presence would transfer over come game time. Last night, Gronk answered that question and left no doubt in anyone’s mind as to how much of an absolute beast he really is. With his 20th career TD reception in 26 NFL games, Gronkowski became the fastest TE to reach that mark in NFL history, right ahead of Ditka (31 games). In doing so, the Pats turned a slow start into a good old fashion beat down last night in Foxboro. Oh, not to mention Gronk also shrugged off a broken neck to pop the ball like a balloon in the end zone. No biggie.

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