Fight Club

They certainly weren’t playing in the Garden or wearing Celtic green, but Rondo and Pierce were in town this weekend for a charity game at Harvard University. Unfortunately, news of a scuffle took precedent over the event, and it too was certainly not on the court or while wearing the Celtic green.

If you haven’t heard already, early Saturday morning Rondo was allegedly part of an altercation while leaving a night club in downtown Lowell. By altercation I mean there was some pushing as a crowd shuffled out of the club (that never happens), and one person ended up swinging at Rondo, supposedly unknowingly. The nightclub, Brian’s Ivy Hall, had been hosting an event featuring the Celtics star, accompanied by a few other notable NBA stars including Nate Robinson, Rudy Gay, and Josh Smith. Apparently there was no report of intoxication by the alleged attacker in the police write up, nor was Rondo drinking at all that night. Now I’ll be the first to admit inebriated decisions are completely null and void, but soberly making the decision to go after a hometown star, accompanied by other NBA stars and several rather large body guards (could be an understatement), probably wasn’t the best way to confront the issue, that is, unless Micky Ward had his back. Gotta love downtown Lowell.

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