MLB’s Productive Offseason

Unless you’ve been living in Sandusky’s basement for the last few months (too soon?), you’re well acquainted with the NBA lockout situation. Every negotiation has gone from bad to worse and recent news offers almost no hope for a season. However, this monumental collapse has actually overshadowed another extremely critical and game-changing agreement in the MLB. and almost every other sports publication has attached itself to the Penn State shenanigans, the lockout and the start of college hoops. Simultaneously, an agreement is on the verge of being signed between the MLB and its players that will literally revamp the entire ballgame – I think for the better. According to ESPN, the MLB is about to “realignment of the sport into two 15-team leagues, adding a second wild-card team in each league, spreading interleague play throughout all six months of the regular season and making significant changes to the draft, free agency.”

Whoa now, I like what I’m hearing. Two wild card teams per league basically means that there will be 3 playoff teams from the AL East (one of which will naturally be the Orioles). Nonetheless, it’s great to see a league actually be productive in the offseason. Following one of the most pure baseball years all time, it’s fantastic to see them trying to improve.

David Stern – Bud Selig called and he wants you to get your shit together.

6 thoughts on “MLB’s Productive Offseason

  1. No Orioles fan should be allowed to speak about the MLB. Please have this “Big Nons” character realize this. I like the blog but this guy has got to go.

  2. Ricky a MLB guru is what we need on this site and “Big Nons” looks like he is bringing the heat on this first post…I like it a lot. But what are your thoughts in regard to additional interleague play? And what does this do to the pitcher being a hitter situation/ dh situation? I have read a few articles concerning a lot of pitchers wanting to move over to the national league for two reasons: A. to avoid to monster hitters in the AL east and B. to show off some of their hitting skills and be a complete player

  3. Hey guys, just stumbled upon this blog and am really loving the posts! I just moved to the Boston area from Manchester, England and am trying to get into the sports scene!

    Ricky, i think you’re being a bit harsh and if you have nothing nice to say……

    Keep up the good work mates and i look forward to reading more!


  4. How about the most obvious reason a pitcher wants to move the national league “Tob$”…. They only have to face 8 hitters a game instead of 9. Of course the AL East is loaded and pitchers always say they want to hit, but let’s get real for a second. The only reason pitchers come to the National League is for either more money (which is rare, because it’s hard to outbid the Sox or Yanks) or the chance to pitch against significantly weaker lineups.

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