Wake Up Kessel, It’s Boston

In case you missed it Wednesday morning, Brad Marchand got an unexpected prank wakeup call from a Toronto morning show. At about 7am on gameday, the radio station sent several pizzas to his hotel, and after explaining that it was a pregame ritual of his, had the front desk call Mr. Marchand’s room and wake him up. Not going to lie, pretty funny stuff. As a fan, that’s the kind of witty prank I can handle. In fact I enjoy it. operation retaliation waafCompletely different than the Toronto Stronger D-Bag from Monday’s game. Anyways, no harm no foul there. But Toronto, I’ll tell you this. You are extremely naïve if you didn’t think us Bostonians would retaliate. I mean not only were you destined to come back to our city the next day, but you have an obvious target for us to go after. Cue…Mr. Phil Kessel.

With little doubt they’d let it slide, WAAF’s Hillman Morning Show took the reins on Operation Retaliation, sending Spaz out to Toronto’s hotel this morning, fully equipped with a megaphone, bright yellow morph suit, and the support of relentless Bruin’s fans. I can only imagine the scene taking place as he yelled and taunted Kessel over the megaphone, with an army of vehicles beeping violently in the background. Absolute radio gold. Unfortunately, it only lasted about 10 minutes before our boys in blue showed up to send the annoying yellow man packing. Either way, WAAF should be posting it as a podcast later this morning so make sure you listen for yourself. Just more fuel for the fire, I love it. Great work guys. Now let’s go Bruins! Puck drops at 7:10 tonight. Happy Friday indeed!

5 thoughts on “Wake Up Kessel, It’s Boston

    • How does Boston Suck? No matter what city you a are a fan of I guarantee we have more championships than you in the last ten years. You are an idiot and probably a no name fan that likes a shitty team that comments on blogs because you are not out watching your team because they are not in the playoffs. Fuck off

  1. Honestly, the Toronto pizza thing is kinda funny. The Boston retaliation is kinda petty imo and severely lacks creativity, and probably didn’t achieve anything other than probably pissing off several Bostonians in the surrounding area at 7 in the morning.

  2. I’m sure all the other people staying at the hotel thought this was HILARIOUS.

    The Marchand pizza was clever. This was dumb and obnoxious. We can do better, boys … but we’ll have another chance in Round 2 soon enough!

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