NFL Coaches, General Managers Get Canned

Coaches Cut: With the NFL season over, those teams who are not in the playoffs use this down time to sit back and assess their team needs, staff hiring/firing, and of course financial business decisions. Nine NFL franchises wasted no time at all in addressing the second part of that list I just mentioned. The Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills, Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs, San Diego Chargers, and Philadelphia Eagles all fired their head coaches before lunchtime this past Monday. Here’s a list of the coaches who will be looking for new work in 2013:

Andy Reid Former Eagles Head Coach

Pat Shurmur Former Browns Head Coach 

Lovie Smith Former Bears Head Coach

Chan Gailey Former Bills Head Coach 

Romeo Crennel Former Chiefs Head Coach 

Norv Turner Former Chargers Head Coach

Ken Whisenhunt Former Cardinals Head Coach

GM’s Going Going Gone: As mentioned earlier in this post coaches weren’t the only ones getting cut by teams. A total of five general managers were all let go. The Browns, Cardinals, Chargers, Jacksonville Jaguars, and New York Jets all parted ways with their GM’s. Here’s who got the boot:

A.J. Smith Former Chargers GM

Rod Graves Former Cardinals GM

Mike Tannenbaum Former Jets GM

Gene Smith Former Jaguars GM

Tom Heckert Former Browns GM

Final Thoughts: Just to recap the Browns, Cardinals, and Chargers will need both a new GM and head coach. The Bears, Bills, Chiefs, and Eagles will all need new head coaches. While the Jets and Jaguars will need new GM’s. To put these firings into perspective nearly a 1/4 of the NFL will need a new head coach. What do you think? Who should these teams hire next season? Should any other NFL coaches get axed? Leave a comment below.

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