Did the Spurs do something wrong?

Possible sanctions loom against the San Antonio Spurs. Head Coach Greg Popovich sent Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker, and Danny Green back to Texas to rest for their game against the Grizzlies, rather than play them in a national televised game against the Miami Heat. Commissioner David Stern apologized to fans and said that sanctions will be forthcoming.


Lebron didn’t seem too upset about them not playing, as the Heat only won 105-100 on a last minute 3-pointer by Ray Allen.  I can understand why Pop would do this, as his team played 4 games in 5 nights, and they are an older team, much like the Celtics. It’s just weird to think about the fact that the Grizzlies are scaring the Spurs more than the Heat. But they are playing unbelievable basketball over in Memphis.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Did the Spurs do something wrong?

  1. The Spurs getting fined would be ridiculous. With no disrespect to the fans like us that go out and pay to watch these players play, Pop was doing what was right for his team in the long run. That is his job right? I don’t know too much about the Spurs but didn’t the league schedule them something like 5 road games in 7 days while the Heat are sitting comfy at home for 4 straight? Does David Stern expect the Spurs to risk their run at the finals just so the bandwagon Miami Heat fans can watch some of the big guns play. Shut up, you get to see an all-star game each time your teams on the floor. Also, in typical Heat fashion, Bosh responded post game with excuses to the unexpectedly close match-up, saying, “It’s hard playing a team that has nothing to lose.” Alright guy. There’s no reason your stacked all-star team shouldn’t have blown them out of the water. You’re lucky the Spurs put in their B squad.

    And who is Stern to talk about displeasing the fans? If I’m not mistaken he’s one of the main reasons we didn’t have an NBA season until Christmas last year. Shut up David Stern. Your face pisses me off. I think Pop made a smart and necessary decision to rest his aging, star players now so they’ll be ready when they inevitably make the playoffs.

  2. Ridiculous that ANYONE thinks that they did NOTHING wrong here. Let’s face it, these guys get paid money most of us can only DREAM of making so that they can go out and play a game. We should all be so lucky. So now, the fans who pay for the tickets, the jerseys, the shoes, the autographed photos of these players…don’t get to see them in a Nationally Televised game because the coach thinks his stars need a day off to rest? SUCK IT UP, PANSIES. If you have gall to accept the contract money to play in the league, and are blessed enough to do so, then you have NO EXCUSE to not be out there playing when you full-well know you can. This is not a situation of injury or pain…just of a few older guys getting rest. If I were a Spurs fan, I’m absolutely upset that they sit their big guys in a game against the defending champs. SImply unforgivable!!!

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