Praising the Wrong Person

After Peyton Manning beat the Chiefs 17-9 on Sunday, their two biggest stars (both on my awful fantasy team) Jamaal Charles and Dwayne Bowe remained star-struck.  Jamaal Charles sat outside and waited for Manning to leave the locker room and asked for an autograph for his mom, while Dwayne Bowe posed for a picture with Manning.  Bowe said, “It’s Peyton Manning, who wouldn’t want a picture with him?”

Bowe is playing in most likely his final season as a Chief, as he is under the Franchise Tag and has demanded trades all season. He even admitted that he would love to catch a ball or two from the future Hall of Famer. A few former Chiefs are pretty upset, and I’m sure there will be more.

What do you think? Is this as bad as it seems?

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