Spogo – The Newest App for Sports Fans

We’re in the heart of football season, which for most means the heart of gambling season as well. I’m all about the pools, fantasy leagues, sports bets, but usually never anything too risky. Once in a while I’ll go out on a limb but for the most part I like the low risk high reward gambling. Now, I don’t know if it’s because I went 3-3 on my bets this week, but I found a new app that fits the bill perfectly. Spogo.

Spogo is like the combination of sports betting and Groupon. You make a free account, are given a certain amount of points to start, and then you wager your points on any NFL game, spread, over/under, etc. Instead of monetary prizes, the rewards come in the form of deals at local bars and restaurants, including freebies, discounts, and specials. After a big weekend betting on the Pats game via Spogo, I’m only a bet away from free all I can eat wings at Jerry Remy’s in Boston. Count it.

But the real Spogo experience comes while you watch the games. Unlike most sites, on Spogo you can wager on the outcomes of events and plays during the game. For example, during yesterday’s Pats game they asked questions like, “What will be the result of the kickoff?” or “Will Brady be wearing his winter hat next time he’s on the sidelines?” Just spices the game up that much more, especially when the Pats are blowing teams out. So if you’re into football, gambling, or just want to try to win some free stuff, I’d advise giving Spogo a try.

Click here to download Free Spogo App for your mobile device.  

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