Pats Defense Will Step Up

So it’s clear that the Pats have some problems on defense. I don’t think there is one fan of football that would say different. Myself, along with every other Patriots fan out there, lost a few days off our lives going down the stretch in Sunday’s game against Buffalo. Although I’ve been ranting and raving about it with the rest of them, I have faith in Bill. In one way or another, unbeknownst to us, he is taking care of it. And it starts this week.

Facing off against a surprising 6-3 Colts team, a lot of people are feeling a bit nervous heading into Sunday’s game. Granted it will be weird playing the Colts without Manning, Andrew Luck has settled nicely into Indy, posing quite the threat to our porous secondary. On the other hand, Indy’s run game is nothing to rave about. With the addition of Talib and the lack of a running threat, I’m thinking our secondary will come out firing. I mean it’s hard to complain about our offense, and nonetheless, Brady has that under control. It leaves that much more emphasis on the D this week. From one of the biggest Pats D critics, I’m expecting big things this week.

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