C’s Drop Opening Night

As expected, both Lebron James and Dwayne Wade score in the high 20’s while Lebron recorded his first double-double of the season (26 points, 10 rebounds). One of the most painful things to watch was Ray Allen dropping 19 points on his former team. Ray played 2 more minutes than Lebron in this game, which no one expected would happen.

On the other side, KG struggled for 9 points, but was able to add 12 rebounds. Paul Pierce played amazing in the first half and ended with 23 points while Rondo added 20 points and 12 assists of his own. The biggest surprise was Leandro Barbosa dropping 16 in only 16 minutes while going 3-3 from 3 point range. The newest acquisition already showed that he deserves to be here.

I wish Jared Sullinger would have played more, he had two points in 8 minutes early in the first quarter, but then was benched for the game. He committed a rookie foul and wasn’t put back in to the game at all. The most underrated player that I saw in this game was Courtney Lee. Lee only played 24 minutes because we were hoping Jeff Green would step up, but he didn’t. Lee missed one shot and had 11 points. His fouls killed him though, as he had 5.

One thing to note: I know this is the Heat and they have so many weapons, but we have a totally different vibe now. We are not defensive minded, before the ball is in our hands we already have two young guys sprinting down the court. I know we will not allow 120 points to most teams, but the team just seemed different out there. But maybe they need to be. Maybe they are so focused on out shooting and scoring teams now because that’s the way that most championship teams have won it. Celtics have a pretty easy schedule over the next few weeks and should have no problem getting in some good W’s before we get too late in the season.

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