Yet Another NBA Change

The NBA has decided that Centers will no longer have a special spot in the All-Star game. Instead, the team will be made up of 3 frontcourt players, and two backcourt, rather than two forwards and a center. It comes as no surprise seeing as most teams don’t rely on a traditional center anymore like the old days.

I like this idea, personally. Not only does it give someone a chance to start over a weak center, but it also makes it possible for two centers to start, if they are good enough. That can’t happen in the current All-Star Game. If Howard and Bynum didn’t switch conferences, they would have had the opportunity to do it this season, assuming that they both come back from injury as the same player they were. I think it will also benefit players such as KG and Tim Duncan who play center quite a bit for their teams but are natural forwards. What do you think?

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