Should the Sox Take a Shot at Landing Hamilton?

With one of the more forgettable seasons in Boston Red Sox history well in the books, attention can now be turned to the off-season. One of the big question marks (of the many) for the Sox resides in their outfield and Texas Rangers right fielder Josh Hamilton might just have the answer for Boston.

Let’s compare Hamilton’s numbers to the internal option guys for Boston:

Josh Hamilton’ Career Stats: .304avg, 161HR, 553 RBI, 858 hits, 621 strikeouts

Hamilton in 2012: .285avg, a career high 43 HR, 128 RBI, 160 hits and 162 strikeouts

Cody Ross’ Career Stats: .262avg, 122 HR, 452 RBI, 763 hits, 700 strikeouts

Ross in 2012: .267avg, 22 HR, 81 RBI, 127 hits and 129 strikeouts

Ryan Sweeney’ Career Stats: .280avg, 14 HR, 185 RBI, 481 hits and 278 strikeouts

Sweeney in 2012: .260avg, 0 HR, 16 RBI, 53 hits and 43 strikeouts

Ryan Kalish’ Career stats: .243avg, 4 HR, 29 RBI, 63 hits and 64 strikeouts

Kalish in 2012: .229avg, 0 HR, 5 RBI, 22 hits and 26 strikeouts

Daniel Nava’ Career Stats: .243avg, 7 HR, 59 RBI, 104 hits and 109 strikeouts

Nava in 2012: .243avg, 6 HR, 33 RBI, 65 hits and 63 strikeouts

Hamilton’s stats exceed all of the clubhouse options, but he will come with a high price-tag wanting a multi-year deal. The Sox seem to be making attempts to re-sign Ross, who is coming off one of his best seasons since 2009 with the Miami Marlins (270avg. 24 HR, 90 RBI) and he’ll likely want a better, longer, more expensive deal to come back to Boston. With that said here’s a possibility to consider. What if the Sox had the cash to sign both Ross and Hamilton? Hamilton could play in right while Ross plays in left, the lineup would be balanced with power and contact once more and the outfield would be set. But there’s a catch. With the money dropped for those two, could Boston solve other position problem areas (first base and pitching) with little money left over?

So my question to you the Fenway Faithfuls is this…what do you think the Red Sox should do this off-season? Post your thoughts in the comment section.

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