Oh Hey, Sox-Yanks Game

As much as I’ve been trying to pretend it’s offseason for the Sox, it’s hard to ignore completely when the Yanks are in town. ESPN and sports analysts have been talking about the expected lack of interest in the Red Sox-Yankees game tonight at Fenway for the obvious reason being that the Sox aren’t in the picture. Earlier today there were a couple thousand or so tickets still available on StubHub starting at just $17, an unheard of price for a game against even the worst of teams. On the other hand, they’ve also brought up how the Sox could play spoiler to the recently struggling Yanks who are close to losing their playoff spot as well. It’s a weird situation, one we’re certainly not used to dealing with. So it begs the question, does it matter to you at all?

I had to think about. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as ready for the Sox season to end as the next frustrated Fenway Faithful, but I gotta say, this might be reason enough for me to get just a little excited for this series. I mean when it comes to the Red Sox- Yankee rivalry, both teams could be 45 games out of playoff contention and it’d still be a cut throat series solely on the fact that we just hate each other. In this case, we’ve hit rock bottom and the Yanks are holding on by a thread. At this point the Sox have nothing to lose.

We’re not making the playoffs, but if I’m at this game and there’s the slight chance we could be the reason the Yanks don’t make a playoff run, I’m cheering as if it’s Game 7. If we’re going down (rather already down), then we’re bringing NY with us. That and I’m already antsy for next Sunday.

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