Celtics Refs for Tonight

Official 1 – Scott Foster

Most known for being linked to Tim Donaghy for 134 phone calls supposably related to fixing games.

Official 2 – Mike Callahan


Official 3 – Rodney Mott

Most known for January 12, 2007, Mott was suspended for three games after making obscene gestures and using obscenities toward fans during a game

Donny Marshall on the 98.5 the Sports Hub yesterday said that from texting his NBA buddies, the NBA will let the Celtics win one of the games, but not two because they would be afraid that the Celtics could get hot. Pretty intersting bit, according to Donny and the referees given, this would be the game.

According to the Homer report about the Ref’s Scott Foster is ranked 23 out of 66, Mike Callahan is 22nd, and Rodney Mott is the #1 in the entire list. That’s right, Mott is the ref who gives the most calls to the home team out of every single ref.

Im not saying the NBA is fixed, or guided, just relaying what was said from current and former NBA players.

Below are the stats for the refs during the 2012 NBA playoffs curtesy of NBAstuffer.com.

Refs Games Home Team Point Differential Total Called Fouls Road Team Home Team Road Tech Home Tech
Type Officiated Win % (Home Team) Points Per Per Game Foul Percentage Foul Percentage Per Game Per Game
Scott Foster Head 8 0.75 8 185.3 46 54.1 45.9 1.5 1.1
Mike Callahan Crew 4 0.5 -1.3 183.8 44.3 49.1 50.8 0 0.3
Rodney Mott Crew 7 0.714 4.6 185.1 41.7 52.4 47.6 0 0
Rodney Mott Head 1 0 -10 182 42 45.2 54.8 0 0

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