TCU Not So Christian-like

Four TCU players have been arrested on drug charges in the past two days.  A few of their star defenders have been caught by undercover officers in a sting that has been occurring over the last 6 months.  At first, the officer was just buying small amounts of Marijuana, and then he moved onto larger quantities and harder drugs.  They have been arrested on charges in distributing Marijuana, Cocaine, Ecstasy, and Prescription Drugs.

The reason why these players got caught was because of parents and other students complaining.  Everyone seemed to know that this was going on except for the coaches.  Even a recruit said that he did not want to attend the University because of their extreme drug use.  Apparently, only about 20 players on the whole team were able to pass a drug test.  There were 17 students total that have been kicked out of Texas Christian University.  They are moving to the Big 12 conference next season and hopefully this won’t affect them too much.

1 thought on “TCU Not So Christian-like

  1. This article is misleading. The officers ” moved onto larger quantities and harder drugs”..? Yeah, as in moved on to other dealers, a.k.a. NOT ATHLETES. The football players only sold marijuana.

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