A Familiar Sight

It’s great for me to watch the Lakers falling apart at the seams.  Sure, the Celtics have been criticized of being in the same boat, but you can be assured that it has nothing to do with the players that are under Doc Rivers’ watch.  Metta World Peace, formerly Ron Artest, is causing quite a panic in the locker room for the LA Lakers.  He is shooting and scoring career lows, and is wondering why he is getting less playing time.  Are you serious? It’s cause you suck and you have the worst name known to man.

Three Laker players who wanted to remain anonymous stated their displeasure with him already.  They all seem to agree that without him there, they would be a much better team.  I mean, he is even dissing his new coach Mike Brown.  Give it a few weeks and he may be punching fans in the face again like he did when he was with the Pacers.  I love to watch the Lakers lose, but I hate to see anyone put up with a player like him.

Now for a classic Ron Artest Clip.  Below is a video of him pantsing Paul Pierce during a game while he was with the Pacers.  Classic.

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