Talkin’ with Marchand

At the end of the Brad Marchand signing I got a chance to kick it with Brad for a little bit and ask him a few questions about last year’s cup run and this year’s B’s squad. Check it out:

AM: Going back to the playoffs last season, what was your favorite part of the Stanley Cup run?

BM: I think my favorite part would be after we scored our fourth goal (in game 7 a 4-0 win), we were all on the bench celeberating watching the clock count down and we knew we had it and we knew we won it. Everyone’s kind of running back and forth on the bench giving each other hugs.

AM: How is this team different from the team that won the cup a year ago?

BM: Well we have three different guys but it’s not a whole lot different. We want to play the same way, we play hard and want to be tough to play against. We have Pouliot who came in and is playing really good hockey and Joe’s (Corvo) has played great too. We still have a great team and hopefully make another good run.

AM: Speaking of Joe, last night after your goal (against the Senators, tied the game 3-3) I saw that you were real pumped with him, what did you say to him?

BM: I said great job getting the puck to the net for me in a position where I could get a rebound, I just had to let him know (wry smile)

AM: Your on pace for a 70+ point season, what has been the key from last year to this year that has caused the increased production?

BM: I think a lot of it is who I am playing with (The Bru-tang Clan). Seguin and Bergy, they are both great players who make a lot of great plays. I’m learning to be a consistent player and learning to play your best every night, that’s what they (Claude and his staff) expect of you.

Just as everyone would probably guess, I can personally tell you Brad is a real laid back guy that everyone one of us would be down to throw some beers back with. 23 and Stanley Cup champion, doesn’t get much better than that. Thanks again to Brad for his time and answering my questions.

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