College Basketball Weekend Preview

A few high magnitude games this weekend beginning on Saturday.  Yes, once again I am leaving out the face that Harvard is playing on Friday.  #1 Kentucky & #2 Syracuse both have conference games but against teams that are 2 games below .500.  The first dual-ranked game is between #3 Ohio State & #20 Wisconsin.  This is both a ranked game, and a Big Ten conference game.

Prediction: Ohio State

The other big game is between #4 Missouri & #8 Kansas. Once again, this is a conference match-up and I think it’s going to be real close.  I am really tempted to pick Kansas because I think Thomas Robinson is a beast.  However, Missouri is home and they have only lost 2 games all season.  I just haven’t fully bought into the Mizzou hype yet.
Prediction: Kansas

On Sunday, #5 Duke takes on unranked Miami.  Miami is 13-7 so they are not a team that will be walked right over.  However, I do not see the Blue Devils losing this game.  #10 Michigan State is home against rival #22 Michigan in a battle of the Big Ten. Gonna be another close game as always but since State is home, I think they can hang on. 

Prediction: Michigan State

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